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Crash Replacement Scheme

Light weight carbon wheels are an expensive high-end product that can be damaged in the event of a crash. Chicken Cyclekit are offering this crash replacement scheme to make your decision to upgrade easier. In the event of a crash the consumer will be offered a repair or replacement for an equivalent model at a greatly discounted rate.

Terms & Conditions

Chicken Cyclekit are offering this crash replacement scheme in addition to the Manufacturer’s warranty.

This service can be called upon in the event of a broken wheel which is un-rideable due to an accident or crash. Once the wheel has been assessed the customer will be advised of the special price for the replacement.

  • The offer is only valid for one claim for the original owner over a two year period from the point of purchase.
  • The offer is only valid for purchases made from UK cycle retailers.
  • The damaged wheel has to be returned by the customer to the original retailer.
  • The retailer must return the wheel to ourselves for assessment by our warranty department.
  • A copy of the original sales receipt must be provided before any work is undertaken.
  • Any tyres, cassettes or brake disc’s must be removed and the wheel must be cleaned before returning.
  • The damaged wheel will be repaired or replaced with the same model or closest equivalent model.
  • The damage has to affect the functionality of the wheel. (visual damage is excluded).
  • In the event a replacement is given Chicken Cyclekit will assume ownership of the original damaged wheel.
  • If the wheel is deemed not returnable under this scheme, the costs for the repair/replacement or carriage will not necessarily be covered by Chicken Cyclekit.

Exclusion of Service

  • Damage caused by the wrong intended use, for example using road wheels on an off-road track.
  • Damage caused by modification, incorrect repair, or by use of non-original spare parts.
  • The use of incorrect brake pads (see manufacturers guidelines).
  • Products where the manufacturers serial number has been removed.
  • Damage which we feel has been caused intentionally.
  • Products purchased from retailers outside of the UK.
  • Products supplied via a team sponsorship deal.
  • Wear and tear from general use is not covered.
  • Damage caused by incorrect assembly.
  • Damage caused by transportation.

Wheels Covered by Crash Replacement Scheme


Supertype, SWR, Revox, Neon, Graff, Syntium, Altur,
K1, K4, 988, 977.

Deda Elementi

All Carbon Wheels.