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Cleaning & Lubrication

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Bike Wash Unit

All of BiciSupport's products are manufactured and produced entirely in Italy. Since 1976, BiciSupport has been a market and industry leader for Work Stands, Measurement Systems, Displays and Supports. For 30 years, Bicisupport have been the supplier for the Italian ...

RRP from £3284.99
Component Wash Unit

All of BiciSupport's products are manufactured and produced entirely in Italy. Since 1976, BiciSupport has been a market and industry leader for Work Stands, Measurement Systems, Displays and Supports. For 30 years, Bicisupport have been the supplier for the Italian ...

RRP from £1444.99
Campagnolo Denim Apron

The Campagnolo Denim Mechanic's Apron is not just a simple piece of workwear. A pro mechanic on a World Tour team, a mechanic in a store or even a passionate cyclist who likes to keep his bike in perfect condition ...

RRP from £39.99
Campagnolo Disc Brake Bleed Kit

Bleed kit for Campagnolo Disc Brakes

RRP from £29.99

A durable and tough workshop apron.

RRP from £21.99
ZB Brush Set

A collection of all three models of cleaning brushes from Zefal, for a complete cleaning package that can get to every hard to reach area of your bike.

Kit made up of the three brushes:

  • ZB Wash Brush
  • ZB Twist Brush
  • ...
RRP from £19.99
Campagnolo Mineral Brake Oil

Campagnolo Mineral Oil for Campagnolo Disc Brakes

RRP from £17.99
Sapim Workshop Apron

A durable and ghigh quality apron that's perfect for your workshop.

  • Made from thick, wear resistant material.
  • Easy to adjust neck strap.
  • Simple hand ties around the waist.
RRP from £14.99
Bike Bio Degreaser

The Bike Bio Degreaser is an effective degreasing agent. Its dissolving agents remove grease and dirt on mechanical parts. The active components quickly eliminate dust once sprayed. It is easy to use and to rinse-off. Its biodegradable properties protect the ...

RRP from £10.99
Lithium Multi Grease

Adds a protective film which inhibits rust, repels water and lubricates the bike, can be used on all parts: bolts, bearings, bottom brackets etc.

Leaves a glossy shine that brings the bike back to life.

Enhances the resistance of surfaces ...

RRP from £9.99
Extra Wet Lube

Zefal's Extra Wet Lube is a long lasting, premium ceramic-based lubricant.

Based on patented technology, Extra Wet Lube has exceptional durability no matter what the conditions. It greatly reduces friction through a layer of ceramic nanoparticles that increase chain protection.

This ceramic-reinforced, ...

RRP from £8.99
Disc Brake Cleaner

Zefal's Disc Brake Cleaner is a degreaser that has been specially formulated for cleaning disc brakes. It's an excellent solvent against oil, grease, brake fluid, dried on dirt and braking residue.

It has been specifically designed to rapidly dry ensuring ...

RRP from £8.99
ZB Wash Brush

In nylon, the ZB Wash allows efficient and safe cleaning of your bike frame, fork, wheels

Its oval shape is designed to access all bike parts.

Dual material handle: ergonomic and non-slippery.

Soft surround will not scratch the frame

  • Total length: 280mm
  • ...
RRP from £7.99
Zefal Clean Brush

Zefal Clean Brush

Developed with professional mechanics, the ZB Clean brush is the essential 3 in 1 tool for cleaning the chain, freewheel and derailleur. Composed by 2 brushes ( Big and Small) and 1 scraper cleverly stored in the handle, ...

RRP from £7.99
Bike Wash

Bike Wash is a special cleaning product that allows you to remove dirt from your bike whilst protecting delicate areas. The antistatic molecules leave a protective film that prevents dust (dirt or deposits) and gives a glossy finish to your ...

RRP from £7.99
Bike Cleaner

The Bike Cleaner is a powerful degreaser and cleaner. Its quick-acting formula guarantees a fast and efficient cleaning. This degreaser is ideal for gears and chains but it has also been made for degreasing and cleaning disc brakes.


  • For Disc ...
RRP from £7.99
Extra Dry Wax

Zefal's Extra Dry Wax is a premium wax-based lubricant for optimal cleanliness.

The Extra Dry Was is a wax-based dry lubricant that keeps drivetrains extra clean by effectively repelling water and dust. Made from a water and wax base, it offers ...

RRP from £7.99
Bike All-In-1

A degreaser, penetrating oil, cleaner and lubricant. The Bike All-In-1 is the complete and quick solution to proper bike care. Easy to use, cleaning your bike will be a breeze.

RRP from £6.99
Pro Dry Lube

Zefal's Pro Dry Lube is a dry lubricant that guarantees excellent drivetrain lubrication and cleanliness. The chain stays clean, over time reducing friction and drivetrain noise. This dry lubricant is perfectly suited for cycling in dry or dusty conditions.


  • ...
RRP from £5.99
Pro Wet Lube

Pro Wet Lube is a long-lasting, high-performance lubricant adapted to extreme weather conditions.

Made from synthetic esters and anti-corrosive additives, its highly water-resistant formula offers metal parts lasting protection against rust and wear. The lubricant biodegrades quickly, ensures smooth drivetrain ...

RRP from £5.99
ZB Twist Brush

The ZB Twist Brush is a double-headed brush with nylon fibres which is ideal for getting out mud and dirt from the pedals,spoke or disc brakes. The two heads can be rotated and adjusted meaning it can be used in ...

RRP from £4.99
Pro 2 Grease

Grease lithium grade 2, the Pro 2 Grease is waterproof and heat resistant. Suitable for daily professional use, it provides and excellent anti-wear protection. Ideal for bearings, headset bottom bracket hub and seatpost. Also available in workshop size.


  • **Anti-Rust ...
RRP from £4.99
Carbon Mounting Grease

Carbon mounting grease is designed for fixing and securing carbon components.

With its integrated micro beads, the carbon grease prevents components such as a seatpost or handlebars from slipping.

Supplied as a pack of 10 x 25g tubes, perfect for retailers.

RRP from £2.99