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Spoke Tension Meter V2


  • Developed exclusively by Sapim
  • Each tension meter is calibrated, which guarantees its accuracy
  • A large measure gauge, easy to read
  • Pre-adjustable marks: checking if tension is within (your) tolerances
  • Wide working range from 30kg to to 200kg
  • ...
RRP from £569.99
Ultralink 11x/12x Chain Tool

UT-CN300: Campagnolo chain tool for 11x and 12x Chains

RRP from £194.99
Power-Torque Crank Extractor Tool

A very strong and reliable workshop quality crank extractor for Campagnolo Power-Torque chainsets.

  • Designed to remove the left hand Power Torque crank arm from the bottom bracket axle.
  • Contact surfaces specially designed to minimize damage to the crank.
  • Compatible with ...
RRP from £144.99
Press-in Bottom Bracket Cup Tool

Campagnolo bottom bracket tool to mount all standard and oversized Ultra-Torque and Power-Torque press-in bottom bracket cups.

Presses external Fit cups directly into compatible frames

RRP from £133.99
Chain Tool 10X HD Link

UT-CN200: Chain tool for 10 speed Campagnolo chains

RRP from £125.99
Pedal Unhook Lever

All of BiciSupport's products are manufactured and produced entirely in Italy. Since 1976, BiciSupport has been a market and industry leader for Work Stands, Measurement Systems, Displays and Supports. For 30 years, Bicisupport have been the supplier for the Italian ...

RRP from £124.99
Digital Chain Checker

KMC has developed this special digital chain wear indicator, the 'Digital Chain Checker'.

This tool allows you to exactly measure the chain's elongation, changing the chain on time (not too early and not too late) prevents excess wear on other ...

RRP from £99.99
EPS Cable Guide Magnets

For threading EPS wires through internally drilled frames

  • For EPS installation on internally routed frames
  • Magnets and guides included
  • Workshop quality
RRP from £52.99
EPS V2/V3 Internal Install Tool

EPS V2/V3 internal install tool to allow you to mount the V2 and V3 power unit internally in the seat tube.

RRP from £52.99
Sapim Up-side-down Nipple Driver

Sapim up-side down (square) nipple driver

RRP from £39.99
Campagnolo Spoke Key

UT-HU050: Genuine Campagnolo spoke key

RRP from £35.99
Over-Torque Cup Socket Tool

Over-Torque Bottom Bracket Cup Tool for the fitting and removal of Campagnolo O-T cups.

RRP from £35.99
Sapim Hexagonal Nipple Driver

Hexagonal nipple driver for wheel assembly of deep section wheels.

RRP from £32.99
Ultra Torque Screw Fit Cup Tool

UT-BB130 Tool for Screw fit OS-Fit ル bottom bracket cups

RRP from £30.99
Campagnolo Disc Brake Bleed Kit

Bleed kit for Campagnolo Disc Brakes

RRP from £29.99
Sapim Nipple Grip

Nipple gripping screwdriver to make life easier for any wheelbuilder.

  • New design (no moving parts)
  • Only to hold the nipple!
RRP from £26.99
Tread Cutter

The idea for this special tool comes from the Downhill Worldcup and was then jointly developed with tool manufacturer Unior tools.

The Tread Cutter is the first set of pliers made specifically to fine-tune MTB tyres. With it, you can cut ...

RRP from £24.99

A durable and tough workshop apron.

RRP from £23.99
Power-Torque Crank Plug Tool

Insert for power-torque cranks to aid in the removal of all PowerTorque crankarms

RRP from £22.99
Sapim Nipple Driver

Standard/Long nipple driver for quick wheel assembly.

Available in standard or long length.

RRP from £19.99
Oil Level Tool AFS

A tool to assist with injecting the correct amount of oil into the hydraulic system.

RRP from £19.99
Campagnolo Mineral Brake Oil

Campagnolo Mineral Oil for Campagnolo Disc Brakes

RRP from £18.99
Square Taper B/B Cartridge/Cassette Tools

CPS22: 10-UT-BB080

CPS23: UT BB-100

RRP from £16.99
Square Head Spoke Key (Bora)

UT-HU060: Campagnolo square spoke key for bora wheels

RRP from £16.99
HD Chain Tool Pin (Bit)

UT-CN301: Campagnolo HD Chain Tool Bit (each).

Spare pin which fits both the 10 and 11 speed chain tools.

RRP from £15.99
Axix Bottom Bracket Lockring Tool

Bottom Bracket Lockring Tool for Specialites TA Axix and Axix light bottom brackets.

RRP from £14.99
Sapim Workshop Apron

A durable and ghigh quality apron that's perfect for your workshop.

  • Made from thick, wear resistant material.
  • Easy to adjust neck strap.
  • Simple hand ties around the waist.
RRP from £14.99
Sapim CX Ray Key

Nylon spoke key to hold bladed CX spokes straight while tightening.

RRP from £12.99
Sapim Nipple Key

14g professional nipple key for pro wheel building

RRP from £12.99
Ultra Torque C/Set Screw Tool

UT-BB110: An extension for a wrench or allen key to fit ultra-torque crank bolts.

RRP from £12.99