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Spares - Brake-Disc

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H11 EPS Ergos W/O Lever 1 with Master Cylinder

Replacement H11 EPS Ergo Powers without the Master Cylinder and without Lever 1.

RRP from £299.99
Campagnolo Disc Brake Caliper

Spare Campagnolo Disc Brake Calipers for front and back.

RRP from £197.99
Potenza11 Disc Ergos W/O Lever 1 & Master Cylinder

Replacement Potenza11 Disc Brake Ergo Powers without the Master Cylinder and without Lever 1.

RRP from £99.99
Campagnolo 03 AFS Disc Rotor

A strong 2-piece Disc rotor for use with Campagnolo disc brake systems.

It has been designed to be incredibly aerodynamic, while the rounded edges of the discs prevent any injuries or cuts when coming into contact with the disc edge

The ...

RRP from £46.99
Campagnolo AFS Disc Rotors

Campagnolo AFS Disc Rotors


  • Compatible with AFS and Centre Lock hubs
  • Rounded external edge (no sharp edges)
  • High heat Resistance
  • Rivet connection engineered to attain a safe distance between rotor and caliper, promoting efficient cooling under stress
  • Alloy inner, steel ...
RRP from £41.99
Campagnolo Disc Brake Pads

The organic Campagnolo disc brake pads feature:

Anti-vibration metal sheet: Dampens the vibrations during the braking phase.

Wear limit indicator: Brake pad replacement is required when the thickness of the compound reaches the wear indicator at 1.5mm.

Organic brake pads have a softer ...

RRP from £32.99
Campagnolo11 Ergo Hoods

Replacement Ergo Hood for Campagnolo H11 and Potenza11 Ergo Powers.

RRP from £29.99
Campagnolo Disc Brake Bleed Kit

Bleed kit for Campagnolo Disc Brakes

RRP from £29.99
Disc Pad Transportation Block

A block that slots in between the brake pads to ensure the pistons or pads cannot move during transport when the wheel isn't on the bike.

RRP from £18.99
140-160mm Rear Caliper Adapter Inc Screws

Campagnolo 140-160mm Rear Caliper Adapter, for Campagnolo disc brakes.

Adapts a 140mm specific rear flat mount caliper to allow you to run a 160mm Campagnolo AFS rotor.

Includes adaptor screws but will still require the caliper frame mounting screws (see Related Products).


  • ...
RRP from £16.99
Front Caliper Screws

Replacement screws for a Campagnolo Disc Brake Front Caliper

RRP from £13.99
Rear Flat Mount Screws

Mounting Screws to attach the flat mount rear disc caliper to the frame.

To calculate the required length of screws for your build, you need the diameter of the tube at the mounting point of the rear brake, plus 5-9mm.

Rear ...

RRP from £6.99
Disc Brake Hose Spares

Genuine Campagnolo Disc Brake Hose spares

RRP from £5.99