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Bottles & Cages

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Super Record/EPS Bottle and Cage

A super lightweight monocoque carbon fibre cage that clearly demonstrates the level of excellence achieved by Campagnolo in the field of composites.

The cage is the result of exceptional work in terms of both the design and the material, weighing ...

RRP from £61.99
SR1 Bottle Cage

A stylish and refined design to match the ultra-sleek look of modern road bikes.

  • Weight: 18g
RRP from £54.99
U-Cage Saddle Mount Bottle Cage

The Prologo U-Cage is the perfect mounting system for long distance Triathlon races and long training sessions.

The revolutionary system allows you to mount up to two bottle cages, allowing you to have two water bottles or one for water ...

RRP from £49.99
Harrys Bottle Cage

Harryムs, like the famous bar! The new carbon bottle cage where you can find your favourite energy drink. Its special design facilitates the insertion of the bottle and keeps it firmly in place until the next drink.

  • Available in the ...
RRP from £44.99
Pulse Carbon Bottle Cage

Blend of elegance and efficiency, the Pulse Carbon has been designed to perfectly maintain the bottle in the cage, even on rough terrain. Lovers of lightness will be charmed by its low weight.

Screws and washers included, for easy mounting to ...

RRP from £44.99
Mike Giant Bottle Cage

Harryムs bottle cage available with the amazing Mike Giantムs graphics on naked carbon.

The artwork, executed exclusively for our use in this product, is Mike Giantムs San Franciscan interpretation of vintage tattoo symbols.

RRP from £44.99
Vintage Aluminium Bottle

There is a bottle for every occasion and Campagnolo aims to make a quality solution just for you, no matter how you choose to stay hydrated.

With its long standing and prestigious history Campagnolo is not only a fitting part of ...

RRP from £34.99
Pulse Z2i

The Pulse Z2i is a side-opening bottle cage, ideal for those that don't have enough space in their frame or for those that are looking for a better way of transporting bike accessories (Enduro, Bikepacking...). 2 additional holders have been ...

RRP from £18.99
Sin SLR Bottlecage

Made of aluminum 6061 T4.

Flexible design for holding the bottle sercurely by moulding to the shape of the bottle.

RRP from £17.99
Pulse L2 Cage

At only 18g you'll be hard pressed to find a bottle cage that weighs less than the Pulse L2 for the same price. More importantly than that of course though is that it holds the bottle in place at all ...

RRP from £16.99
Vintage Bottle Cage

Our Vintage bottle-cage is a memory of Zefal history. Timeless, it's ideal for classic bikes or today's fixies. ZEFAL Know-How: Experience since 1880.

  • Material: Chromed steel with leather cover
  • Leather: Brown
  • Weight: 80g
RRP from £12.99
Pulse B2 Cage

With an innovative construction, the Pulse B2 bottle cage combines two materials with distinct properties. The centre of the reinforced composite structure brings the necessary rigidity to reduce vibrations and ensure unbeatable security over even the most uneven of roads ...

RRP from £12.99
Arctica Pro 75 750ml Bottle

The Arctica Pro 75 insulated bottle keeps your drink at the right temperature for up to 2.5 hours.

It is made using three insulating layers to maintain the heat or cold. The inner tank is made from polypropylene to ensure ...

RRP from £11.99
Vela Bottle Cage

The Vela Bottle Cage is a lightweight right-hand side loading bottle cage designed for smaller frames and is suitable for E-Bikes.

The cage is made from high-density polymer which provides a strong clamping force on the bottle meaning your bottle ...

RRP from £11.99
Z Hydro Hydration Bladders

Z Light Hydration Bladder 2L

Zefal hydration bladder, made of BPA free PEVA, highly resistant and easy to open and clean. You will be able to carry 2 L in the bag for your long rides.

Water Bladder Features:

  • Smart Valve: Automatic ...
RRP from £11.99
Gabbia Bottle Cage

A lightweight and strong bottle cage with adjustable central mounting plate. This feature may be especially useful on smaller sized frames, where bottle cage clearance is reduced.


  • MATERIAL: Technopolymer
  • FINISH: Matt outside, glossy inner
  • WEIGHT: 40g
RRP from £10.99
Pulse Z2 Cage

This is the perfect bottle cage for an Enduro MTB or Electric Bike which doesn't have space for a bottle cage.

It features a right or left-side opening for easy access and is made from a fibre-glass material. This bottle ...

RRP from £10.99
Arctica Bottle

Thanks to its large capacity, the Arctica insulated bottle manages to keep your drink at an optimal temperature for over 2 and a half hours.

Its inner resin with three layers ensures the conservation of heat or cold, even in ...

RRP from £9.99
Sense Pro 80 Bottle

The Sense Pro Bottle has been designed from the bottom up to offer cyclists the very best solution when it comes to hydration. Similar to the Sense and Shark range, it is manufactured with our specific polypropylene material which is ...

RRP from £8.99
Arctica 55 550ml Bottle

With a capacity of 550 ml, the Arctica 55 insulated bottle keeps your drink at an optimum temperature for over 2.5 hours.

Its odourless material reduces any changes to the smell or taste of its contents. It is convenient to ...

RRP from £7.99
Sense Pro 65 Bottle

The Sense Pro Bottle has been designed from the bottom up to offer cyclists the very best solution when it comes to hydration. Similar to the Sense and Shark range, it is manufactured with our specific polypropylene material which is ...

RRP from £7.99
Pulse A2 Cage

With the Pulse A2 Bottle Cage Zefal offers a high quality bottle cage at a low price. It features a sleek, crafted finish and is lighter than the majority of carbon bottle cages while offering a secure grip on the ...

RRP from £7.99
Sense M80 Bottle

Made from polypropylene, the Sense M bottle offers a soft and odorless solution for cyclists. Its ergonomic control and its flexible material ensure an easy to use product. The soft push teat guarantees a soothing mouth sensation. Available in 3 ...

RRP from £6.99
Magnum 1ltr Bottle

High capacity bottle

Drinking is vital and those that don't want to be out of water on a short ride must get the new Zefal Magnum bottle.

With 1 litre (33oz) capacity it can be mounted in all bottle cages and has ...

RRP from £5.99
Pulse Full Aluminium Bottle Cage

With its innovative design and aluminum construction, the Pulse Full Alu will allow your bottle to withstand any road or rough terrain. The bottle-cage is adapted to all styles of bikes.

All in Aluminium: Durability, lightweight and high resistance to corrosion.

Material: ...

RRP from £5.99
Wiiz Bottle Cage

The Wiiz is universal for all types of frames. Its originality comes from its adaptability as it can be mounted to take the bottle from the right or from the left. This bottle cage is made of resistant and elastic ...

RRP from £5.99
Gizmo III Universal Mount

Clamps for mounting a bottle cage on bikes with no bottle cage mounts. Will not scratch the frame.

Universal Mounting: For all diameters from 15 to 75mm.

  • Material: Thermoplastic resin
  • Diameter: 15mm to 75mm
RRP from £5.99
Barry Mcgee Bottle

The world famous artist Barry McGee is an old friend of Cinelli, so for his latest exhibition at the prestigious Institute of Contemporary Arts of Boston we developed together with him these two fresh and juicy water bottles!

RRP from £5.99
Tifosi Water Bottle

100% recyclable, odourless Polypropylene - no plastic smell and reduces any changes in smell or taste of contents. Made in France by Zefal for Tifosi

  • Colour: Translucent Smoke Grey with light grey print
  • Easy Squeeze & easy grip neck
  • Cap: ...
RRP from £5.99
Sense M65 Bottle

Made in polypropylene, the Sense M bottle offers a soft and odorless solution for cyclists. Its ergonomic control and its flexible material give an easy drink. The soft push guarantees a soothing mouth sensation. Available in 4 colours

  • Odorless
  • Soft ...
RRP from £5.99