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Pedals & Cleats

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Pro Fit Pedal Engaging Hooks (Set)

Pedal Engaging hooks and screw set for Pro Fit Pedals

RRP from £36.99
Pro Fit Cleat Screw Set

Screw set for Campagnolo Pro Fit cleat

RRP from £17.99
Campagnolo Pro Fit Cleats

Cleats for all Campagnolo pedals.

Supplied with 1x long screw, 1x short screw and 1x washer.

For full screw set please order CPS46 or CPS64

RRP from £13.99
Look Compatible Keo Pedal Cleats

Compatible Pedals: Look Keo Classic, Keo Carbon, Keo 2 Max

Available in 3 levels of angular float: 0, 4.5 or 9 degree

Anti-Slip Technology to aid dismount and off bike movement

Includes bolts and washers

RRP from £8.99
Look Compatible Delta Pedal Cleats

Cleats for Look Delta Pedals, available at either a 0 or 9 degree of float.

RRP from £6.99