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Spares - Bottom Bracket

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Ultra-Torque Bearings

Replacement bearing kit for Campagnolo Ultra Torque bottom brackets.

RRP from £28.99
Ultra-Torque Cups

For use with Ultra-Torque chainsets, where the axle joins in the middle of the chainset.

Careful studies conducted by the Campy Tech Lab engineers allowed material to be removed in zones that could be lightened but at the same time points ...

RRP from £22.99
Power-Torque Bearings

Replacement bearing and seal kit for any of the Campagnolo Power Torque bottom bracket cups.

RRP from £19.99
Bottom Bracket Cable Guide

Replacement bottom bracket cable guides, sold in a pack of 4.

RRP from £11.99
Outboard Cup Seals (2pcs)

OC-RE002 Seal for outboard cups

RRP from £7.99
Power-Torque Thrust Washer

FC-AT009 Power Torque Thrust Washer

RRP from £2.99
Ultra-Torque B/B Cup Washer

Thrust washer (crinkle/spring) for Ultra Torque B/B cups

1 Supplied

RRP from £1.99
Ultra Torque Circlips

Campagnolo Ultra Torque b/b replacement clip.

  • Bearing Circlip supplied as 1pcs
  • Cup Circlip supplied as 1pcs
RRP from £0.99