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Chains-Links & Connectors

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Campagnolo Chain Pin

OEM replacement pin for Campagnolo speed chains. It is required when installing or reinstalling a Campagnolo speed chain. A key part of the Ultralink fastening system.

It works for Campagnolo chains only and the 11x pin can only be installed with ...

RRP from £32.99
10X Ultra Chain Joining Links

Campagnolo do not recommend re-joining any chain, this section of chain replaces the links directly around where the chain is split.

  • The only way to repair a 10-Speed campag chain.
  • 4 Chainlinks and replacement Pins
  • Ultra Drive.
  • Chrome-Nickel-PTFE Finish. ...
RRP from £18.99
11X Missing Links

2x joining links (4 pcs) for 11x chain.

Perfectly connecting:

  • Re-useable Links
  • KMC 11-speed chains
  • Campagnolo 11-speed chains
  • Shimano 11-speed chains
  • Sram 11-speed chains


  • Pin length: 5,65mm
RRP from £12.99
12X Missing Links

2x joining links (4 pcs) for 12x chain.

  • KL12D - Faetures the KMC Diamond Like Coating
  • KL12G - Features Titanium Nitride Gold Coating
  • KL12S - Features EcoProTeQ Coating

Perfectly connecting:

  • KMC 12-speed chains


  • Pin length: 5,65mm
RRP from £12.99
1x 3/32 Missing Link

2x joining links (4 pcs) for 1x chains.

Perfectly connecting:

  • Non Re-useable Links
  • 1/2" X 3/32
RRP from £6.99
9X Missing Links

2x Quick release links (4 pcs) for KMC, Shimano and Sram chains.


  • Pin length: 6,60mm
  • Re-Usable
RRP from £4.99
7/8R EPT Missing Links
  • 7.1mm pin for KMC X8/X8 EPT/Z7/Z6 and SRAM 7/8x
  • 7.3mm pin for KMC X8/X* EPT/Z7/Z6 chains and Shimano UG51 + HG40/50/70/90
  • Re-usable, 1/2" X 3/32"
RRP from £3.99
1/8" Snap On Link For Z410

Snap-on links for the Z410 chain

RRP from £2.99
10X Missing Links

2x Quick release chainlinks (4 pcs) for use with KMC,Shimano (inc 10X MTB) with a specific Campagnolo 10x version.


  • Pin length: 5,88 mm (KL10A 5,90mm)
  • Re-Usable
RRP from £1.99
X1 3/32 Silver Missing Link

For X1 Single speed 3/32" chain

Pin length 6.7mm

RRP from £0.99