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Chains-Links & Connectors

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Campagnolo 11/12x Chain Pins

OEM replacement pins for Campagnolo chains. It is required when installing or reinstalling a Campagnolo chain. A key part of the Ultra-link fastening system.

It works for Campagnolo chains only and the pins should only be installed with the Campagnolo chain ...

RRP from £31.99
Campagnolo 10X Joining Links

Campagnolo do not recommend re-joining any chain, this section of chain replaces the links directly around where the chain is split.

  • The only way to repair a 10-Speed Campagnolo chain.
  • 4 Chainlinks and replacement Pins
  • Ultra Drive.
  • Chrome-Nickel-PTFE Finish. ...
RRP from £18.99
MissingLink 11X Joining links

2x joining links (4 pcs) for 11x chain.

Perfectly connecting:

  • Re-useable Links
  • KMC 11-speed chains
  • Campagnolo 11-speed chains
  • Shimano 11-speed chains
  • Sram 11-speed chains


  • Pin length: 5,65mm

**Please note: The 40pk of connectors are sold in bulk boxes and do not have ...

RRP from £8.99
MissingLink 12X Joining links

2x joining links (4 pcs) for 12x chain.

KL12D Features the KMC Diamond Like Coating KL12G Features Titanium Nitride Gold Coating KL12S Features EcoProTeQ Coating

Perfectly connecting KMC 12-speed chains


  • Pin length: 5,65mm
RRP from £8.99
MissingLink 101NR EPT Joining Links

Non-Reusable Link for KMC X101 and e101 EPT Single Speed Chains

  • 1/2" X 1/8"
RRP from £6.99
MissingLink 9X Joining links

2x Quick release links (4 pcs) for KMC, Shimano and Sram chains.


  • Pin length: 6,60mm
  • Re-Usable
RRP from £4.99
MissingLink 7/8R EPT Joining links
  • 7.1mm pin for KMC X8/X8 EPT/Z7/Z6 and SRAM 7/8x
  • 7.3mm pin for KMC X8/X* EPT/Z7/Z6 chains and Shimano UG51 + HG40/50/70/90
  • Re-usable, 1/2" X 3/32"
RRP from £3.99
Snap On 1X 1/8 Links

Snap-on links for the Z410 chain

RRP from £2.99
Snap-On 1X 3/32 Links

Snap on links for E1 EPT Chains

  • 1/2" X 3/32"
RRP from £2.99
MissingLink 10X Joining links

2x Quick release chainlinks (4 pcs) for use with KMC, Shimano (inc 10X MTB) with a specific Campagnolo 10x version.


  • Pin length: 5,88 mm (KL10A 5,90mm)
  • Re-Usable
RRP from £1.99
MissingLink 1X 3/32 Joining links

For Single speed 3/32" chain

Pin length 6.7mm

RRP from £0.99